What does our plan do to the space?

Our plan has improved the space in multiple ways.

1. Added a handicap access to the second floor by making a balcony that wraps around to the ground level.

2. Connected the entrance to the side of the building visually by wrapping the walkway around.

3. Added a seating area next to the stairs that could be used as an outdoor classroom or somewhere to sit before class.

4. Added new bike racks to accommodate for the number of bikes outside.

5. Made the seating amphitheater covered with the above balcony.

6. Added an access to the second floor from the outside.

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The Final Plans

Emily took Stephen’s plans and mashed them up with Photoshop to make the plans fit in the space visually.ImageImageImage


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Visual Plans

Stephen’s Google Sketch Up plans


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Ideas into a Reality

After discussing our plans for the space and what would be best fit and needed, we got to work. Tracing paper, the sketch of the place, and a computer all got put to work to make our ideas become more. Image

First, Kelly May sketched ideas making sure that it would work in the space.


We headed down to the computer lab and Stephen got to work on the computer.

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Start Brain Storming.


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Day 1- Meet Group 16

After the presentation of the MAXmin theme and space, Kelly May, Stephen Guertin, Emily Johnson, Zane Espinosa and William Harvell started to brainstorm ideas to best use the space. Ideas were thrown out such as taking away the faculty room and just making it a treehouse, ideas we knew would never work, but it got our group talking.

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